About Us

The MGSTRAD Translation Services was established in 2000 in Warsaw, as a full-service translation company. Recognizing a need for more comprehensive services, we’ve since grown to include interpretation, voiceovers in multiple languages, transcription, bilingual guiding services and multilingual typesetting. As our services grew, so did our geographic reach. Since establishing a subsidiary in Kraków in 2006, our translation services have reached major clients across Poland.

Our clients were curious about what is behind the scenes of MGSTRAD. We fulfilled their request and published profiles of some of our suppliers who we have long-term cooperation with. We do not reveal their names and faces as we respect the confidentiality of our colleagues as much as we respect the confidentiality of your documents!

We Specialize In

We provide a wide range of services

01. Specialized Translations and Projects

We translate any and all documents needed for your success. You can rely on us for accurate translations of certified documents, website translations, voiceovers, interpretation, transcriptions and other language services. We specialize in legal, marketing, business, financial, medical, technical, website and certified or official translations, but can offer services for any project you need. We also offer transcreation services to ensure your marketing message reaches new markets with the right mood, tone, and content.

02. Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the most common type needed, and is performed mainly at conferences. It is often referred to as simultaneous translation, conference translation or live translation. The challenges of conference interpreting require highly specialized interpreters, skilled in crossing language and cultural boundaries fluently. These interpreters work in teams of 2 or 3 from an interpreting booth, visible to all attendees.


MGSTRAD’s team of voice-over talent provides voice-overs that are localized specifically for your target market. We have an enormous amount of experience with the provision of high quality voice-overs, and this has spanned over the course of over 10 years with hundreds of successful projects. Our services range to any kind of video or audio you need worked on, however, most commonly we work on projects for commercials, instructional videos and advertisements. The success of our projects is a direct result of the superior quality of the sound and recording we provide.

04. Quality

There are various nuances and important things that must be taken into account with each project that you may not even consider when looking for a professional agency to help with your project. Let MGSTRAD take care of your project and you won’t have to worry about any discrepancies or errors that commonly occur with other translation firms. Please see below for a more detailed description of exactly what our services entail and what can be expected from our team here at MGSTRAD:

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